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Founded in 2012, Stella connects women founders and investors to the right resource–at the right time–in their journeys. From ideation to funding to exit, women founders and investors look to Stella for its powerful constellation of support made up of an inclusive community, courses, access to capital events, advisory services and funding opportunities.

Let’s connect the stars, together.

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Stella’s community is made up of over 5,000 people who believe in equality for female founders. The digital community is free of charge and provides access to pre-recorded video courses, master classes, one-on-one advisory sessions, group sessions, mentorship matching, and features on Stella’s media.


Stella Labs is the program that digs in deep. Over the course of a year, Stella produces three live, cohort-based courses including intensive (6-week, 12 modules), pitch (5 modules), and expert (1-2 modules). Additionally, Stella facilitates access to funding through four avenues: Women’s Fast Pitch, Women’s Venture Summit, Stella Angels, and syndication with partnering venture capital firms.


Stella Angels is an exclusive network of accredited investors who review deals together, conduct due diligence, and invest in female founders sourced through our network.

In 2021, Stella Angels invested in 14 female-led startups, syndicating over $1.3M via direct investments and indirectly via syndications and crowdfunding.


Stella produces key events where founders and investors gather, meaningfully connect, and collaborate working towards the goal of equal representation across the venture table.

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The 9th Annual Women's Venture Summit


to Money

September 16-17, 2021|san diego, ca

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Whatever you goals might be, show up and be unapologetic in your mission to the stars at WVS.

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Latest News:

Stella Activates $71M in Funding for Women-led Startups in 2021

Let's connect

the stars, together.

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